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Time Machine Troubleshooting - Get Rid of imac.sparsebundle Could not be accessed (error -1) Using Professional Solution

Apple computers have unique methods and applications that are used to keep user data safely so that even if their Mac computer has problems, their important data will be safe and accessible after fixing the Mac problem. Apple made Time Machine which is a backup utility that was introduced with Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard and was build to work with the Time Capsule as well as other internal / external storage devices. Time Capsule is actually a wireless network device that has NAS (Network Attached Storage) and Residential Gateway Router and work as backup device. This support full Airport Extreme Base Station and features 802.11n Wireless, One Ethernet WAN Port, three Ethernet LAN Ports and 1 USB port. All these things make Time capsule an ideal device for keeping data backups using Time Machine.

Users have seen error messages while trying to do the data backup. The error message appears when Time Capsule try to backup the data from iMac or other Mac Computers like Macbook Pro. It appears like this:

“iMac.sparsebundle” Could not be accessed (error -1)


Causes of iMac.Sparsebundle Could not be accesed (error -1)

This error message has been seen in Mac OSX Lion but can be seen in OSX Snow Leopard as well. It is like a computer has not released the disk after a backup. Apart from this there are several other reasons as well that result the error message.

Troubleshooting Steps

You can try to resolve this by following these steps:

  • Login to the Time Capsule using Airport Utility Manual Setup
  • Go to Disk Page and Disconnect all users, it will force eject the users
  • Reboot Time Capsule and check if the problem is resolved or not

If still you are getting the error message then you should follow these guidelines to troubleshoot iMac.Sparsebundle could not be accessed (error -1):

  • Check if there are no other users or Macs have it mounted. If so then select it on desktop or Finder sidebar and eject it manually
  • Disconnect all users and then go to Time Machine Preferences and again select your Time Capsulr or network location as the backup destination
  • Reboot your Mac
  • In case you have changed the network volume passwords, this problem appears
  • Their might be possibility of corrupt backup and here you need to repair them
  • Same names can also cause confusion and become the reason

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